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Course Descriptions

TSI offers the following courses to police officers, security guards, corrections officers, and legally armed citizens:

Basic Handgun Tactics

This course meets the requirements for concealed weapon permits in Colorado. The 8-hour program is divided into half classroom and half range time. 100 rounds are fired from 3-7 yards. Both a written test and shooting proficiency test must be passed with an 80% score.

Rental weapons are available for a $25.00 fee, which includes a holster and spare magazine. Glock, Smith & Wesson, H&K, and other brands are available. There are also several .22 pistols available, which makes the finding of ammo less of a problem.

Unlike other courses, the basic handgun tactics class covers deadly force issues, civil liability, and universal rules of firearms safety. Loading, unloading, and reloading the handgun will be taught. Verbal commands, movements, one-handed shooting, and malfunction clearances, will be taught.

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Advanced Handgun Tactics
$150.00 per day

This course is available for groups of 3 or more people who have completed a Basic Handgun course or already have a concealed weapons permit. 150 rounds will be fired each day, and most of the course is done at the range with little classroom time. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Shoot/Don't Shoot (decision-making, turning targets)
  • Reactive Shooting (the use of reactive, steel targets)
  • Timed Drawing & Firing (2 seconds or less)
  • Shooting from Behind Cover & Team Tactics
  • Moving Targets (running man target system)
  • Firing from a Downed Position
  • Firing Under Dim-Light Conditions (night range)
  • Firing at Extended Distances (25 to 50 yards)
  • Drawing & Firing the Handgun from Concealment

Each group will be able to set up their own course, based on the topics they want to focus on. Several "open enrollment" classes are held each year so call or e-mail if you would like to receive updates on specific dates.

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Urban Rifle/Shotgun
$150.00 per day

The Urban Rifle/Shotgun courses are also available for groups of 2 or more people. Several rifles and shotguns are available for rent ($25). For the Shotgun course, participants will fire 100 rounds of birdshot, 25 rounds of 00 buckshot, and 5 slugs (per day). Rifle shooters will fire 150 rounds (per day), using military-style semi-automatic rifles. Areas covered include:

  • Shotgun Operation & Ammunition (birdshot/00 buckshot, rifled slugs, and specialty rounds)
  • Cruiser-Safe Condition for the Shotgun & Downloading
  • Engagement of Multiple Targets (reactive, steel targets)
  • One-handed Operation of the Shotgun & Combat Loading
  • Rifle Selection & Accessories (slings, lights, magazines, etc.)
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship & Shooting Positions
  • Malfunction Clearances & Transition to the Handgun
  • Universal Rules of Firearms Safety & Range Procedures
  • Timed Fire with the Use of Reactive, Steel Targets

For advanced training, moving targets (running man system), turning friend/foe targets, and blue guns can be used.

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Defensive Tactics/Self Defense
$150.00 per day

These courses are designed to train participants in unarmed self defense, as well as handcuffing, baton techniques, and chemical agents. Open to everyone, these courses have been popular with CCW permit holders, security guards, and police officers. The focus is on the use empty hands, impact weapons, pepper spray, as well as edged weapons. Below is a brief description of what's available (half-day, 4 hour courses can be set up also)

  • Handcuffing Techniques & Takedowns
  • Baton Strikes (Expandable Baton) & Non-Lethal Target Areas
  • Chemical Agents (O.C. Pepper Spray, Mace, Etc.)
  • Empty Hand Self Defense (Strikes, Escapes, Etc.)
  • Handgun Retention & Disarming the Handgun
  • Control & Restraint Holds (Joint-Locks, Pressure Points)
  • Use of the Edged Weapon & Knife Defense
  • Ground Fighting

In the past, these courses have been presented to business corporations, large security companies, police agencies, and at high school girl's physical education classes.

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Tactical Simulations
$150.00 per day

Also known as the "force-on-force" training, this course is a hands-on experience with the use of protective equipment. Special Glock 17-T guns are used that fire a marking projectile (similar to paintball guns). Role-players are used inside abandoned houses, churches, schools, and other available buildings. Participants will be taught how to react to a simulated attack first, and then tested on this in scenario training. For empty-handed training, the role-player will be dressed in a special protective, impact suit. Areas covered include:

  • How to Conduct a Building Search with a Partner
  • Responding to an Active Shooter (Church, School, Etc.)
  • Home Defense Situations (Rescuing Family Members)
  • Proper Use of Force During an Arrest
  • Empty Hand Defenses Against an Assault
  • Conducting a Rescue of Downed Victims
  • High-Risk Vehicle Stops for Police Officers
  • Less Lethal Options for Police (Less Lethal Munitions)
  • Team Tactics (Verbal Commands, Movement, Follow-Up)
  • Women's Self Defense (Empty Hand Defenses)

Call for more information.

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NRA Basic Firearms Instructor Courses
Cost Varies

Upon completion the participants will be certified through the National Rifle Association (NRA) as an instructor in the following disciplines:

  • Basic Pistol*
  • Basic Rifle
  • Basic Shotgun
  • Personal Protection in the Home
  • Home Firearms Safety

*In Colorado, NRA Basic Pistol Instructors meet the requirements to conduct training/certification for concealed weapons permits.

The Basic Pistol Instructor course is 17 hours in length and costs $300. The focus is on "How To Teach" basic fundamentals of pistol marksmanship. While there are no prerequisites, instructor candidates should know how to safely handle, shoot, and maintain handguns. The Pistol Instructor course is divided into both classroom and range presentations, where candidates will teach form the basic pistol handbook.

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